Monday, 18 July 2011

junior artist association

When a junior artist dies, there are many member to discuss about their past life and try to find mistakes they commited. 
Instead of that why Junior Artist m Association is not taking any responsibities to avoid this condition. I feel, heroes, Heroines, technicians, junior artists or whoever it maybe related with film industry is a member of Maa,like members in a family.No one leave a family member in this way.Maa can take many actions like making group policies or collect some money regularly whenever they get a chance. Make a financial section and lend the money or use it in a profitable way. If a producer need money, he lend it from somebody for high interest,why can't maa can do this. it can be profitable for both, the producer nd for Maa. And use this money (Original amound including some profit} can be utilised for the betterment of th suffering one. Pleace think about it and take necessary precautions to help them.